Calculate the size of urns

We advise you to choose an urn in the slightly upper volume because the weight indicated by the animal is calculated on the basis of a normal corpulence.​

up to 1 kg  ≤ 0.15 litres
up to 8 kg  ≤ 0.50 litres
up to 18 kg  ≤ 1.00 litres
up to 25 kg  ≤ 1.50 litres
up to 40 kg   ≤ 2.00 litres
up to 60 kg ≤ 3.00 litres
over 60 kg  > 3.00 litres

Depending on the crematorium or producer, slight deviations may occur. It is crucial how finely you get the ashes back from the crematorium and what practical experience the manufacturer recommends for his urns. If you have any questions please send us an email to