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Why Do I Need a Bronze or Stainless Metal Pet Cremation Urn for my Best Friend?

Just as we do with people, some of us have the ability, and in some cases, the need, to reach out to our pets for reassurance, comfort, and love. There is no doubt that if your an animal lover, there is no comparison for the friendship that our four-legged (or in some cases clawed or finned) companions provide us. We believe that anyone who has had the pleasure of owning and becoming accustomed to a pet, a pet who became accustomed to us, would clearly see that our pets would no quicker abandon us than we would them. It is that steadfast devotion they show us that makes it all the more difficult when their time in this world comes to an end.

A metal pet cremation urn can help create a distinctive final remembrance of a beloved companion. This beautiful collection features vessels of many shapes, designs, and sizes. The designs range from a simple, covered vase that features whimsical paw prints ascending the body, to an elegantly sculpted dog resting peacefully. One of our most popular pieces is shaped like a heart, which can be displayed on the optional stand, and features two paw prints. This urn almost perfectly encompasses the idea that our pets certainly do leave paw prints on our hearts. The metal types range from brass, to pewter, and even bronze, and more. The metal composition ensures that the resting place is not only dignified, but will contain and protect the essence of the lost companion for many years. The variety of designs offered by this section ensures that there is a metal pet urn to honor any four-legged friend.

Our pets serve much more purpose in our lives than to provide us with entertainment. They truly become part of our families, and are as distinct and recognizable for their individual personalities as we are. In fact, studies have proven that pet owners are less likely to suffer from depression, and even physical ailments such as heart disease. This stands to enforce the notion that our pets help us just as much, if not more, than we do them. With that said, metal pet urns are certainly for those who wish to commemorate the life of a pet, or to honor their memory in a way that will be as long lasting as it is beautiful.


What are the different metal urns you find for your pet?

  • Broze urns

  • Steel urns

  • Copper urns

  • Brass urns

  • Silver urns

  • Urns metal heart

  • Metal funerary ornaments

  • Urns metal with photo

  • Funeral urns     

  • Airbush metal urns

  • Urns métal pour cats 

  • Urns metal pour dogs


Metal Urn Sculpture Edition Black Cat
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