Ceramic Urns

Ceramic urns are tributes to show the life of a pet animal

Ceramics and sculptures are among the oldest artifacts discovered, dating back to the early days of human history. Ceramic is defined as a clay material, often mixed with different substances, that is shaped and fired to create hard, stone or even glass pieces. Like glass, ceramic has long been appreciated for its functional and non-functional use. The longevity demonstrated by this material, combined with the flexible nature it offers, is what makes it ideal for the creation of pet cremation. Ceramic urns are among the most popular choices available and the designs and styles they bring to the table are simply amazing.
Many families do not always know what is an "appropriate" container to contain the cremated remains of a domestic animal. They are often attracted to the idea of ceramics for the material because the forgotten memories of the old Native American pottery found, often intact, give the impression that the container will last forever. That is correct, provided the ash urn is properly maintained and handled. A beautiful ceramic cremation urn can be a wonderful masterpiece displayed in a place to honour a pet, which will always be surrounded by its family, or even buried to create an undeniably peaceful eternity. These urns are available in a multitude of styles and many of them are handmade. Although the methods of creation of these works are very varied, the final pieces all offer an exquisite and timeless beauty that is nothing short of breathtaking.
A ceramic urn can have virtually any color under the sun, and the smooth texture created by glass enamels offers a soothing appearance, while the strength of the material itself provides peace of mind. Ceramic urns have been discovered through the ages of many ancient civilizations that used them to shelter lost pets. This only guarantees that a ceramic container will truly protect the essence and memory of a pet for ever.
Animal urns San Marino Edition Colour: velvet sky blue
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